Scrambled Galaxy - Disclaimer


Juvty Worlds Ltd. named further "Administration" publishes the present agreement defining an order of provision of the simple non-exclusive license for the right of use of the computer program of "Scrambled Galaxy" which is the public service agreement (official proposal) to any interested person concordant with conditions of the present agreement and named further "User".

Terms and definitions

Administration – Juvty Worlds Ltd., being the owner of exclusive property rights on the computer program of "Scrambled Galaxy".Game - the computer program "Scrambled Galaxy".The client of game – client part of game for use by her User within the simple non-exclusive license.The site – the Internet site located at the address, providing information of Administration for users.Additional opportunities – additional functional capabilities of game to which the User can acquire right of access on the terms of the simple non-exclusive license.Gold – the conventional unit of measurement of access rights of the User to Additional opportunities of game enlisted into the internal account of the User in game.Early access – right of access of the User to game on the terms of the simple non-exclusive license at the time of its development (an alpha version and further).Confidential information – the identification information of the User allowing it to get access to its personal part of the Scrambled Galaxy Project. Isn't personal information.

Subject of the agreement

The Administration grants to the User on the terms of the simple non-exclusive license the right of use of game, and also Additional opportunities, in the limits determined by the present agreement.

Acceptance of the agreement

Authentication of the User (registration and input of registration data) in game or making by the User of payment in favor of Administration for right of access to game is full and unconditional acceptance of conditions of the present agreement.

Rights and User's duties

The user has the right to reproduce at himself the copy of the Client of game by installation it on the personal computer.The user has the right to create the accounting entry, the character and to participate in game.The user has the right to use and publicly to distribute audiovisual information of game on condition of saving integrity of the information allowing to identify it.The user is obliged to undertake independently the appropriate measures ensuring safety of his registration data and preventing unauthorized use of game by the third parties.The user has no right to use information services of game for distribution of any information on commercial, political, public or religious associations, and also about the actions made by them in any kind.The user has no right to modify game or its surrounding for change of the functional capabilities of game or obtaining advantages over other users of game.

Rights and obligations of Administration

The administration has the right unilaterally to change Game without prior notice of the User.The administration has the right unilaterally to change site content without prior notice of the User.The administration has the right unilaterally to change any information left by the User in Game and/or on the Site without prior notice of the User.The administration has the right to send to the User messages of information or technical character.The administration has the right at any time unilaterally to stop access for the User to game.

Early access

The user realizes that Early access to game means access to its alpha version and doesn't reflect all functional capabilities of game. Date of a final output of game, its feature and the characteristic can change Administration during development process without warning of the User.Payment of Early access to game isn't subject to the partial or full refund.

Warranty disclaimer

Game is provided "as is", without applicability warranties for any use. The administration under no circumstances doesn't bear damage liability, including a direct loss and the missed advantage even if the Administration was warned about possibility of similar damage.Under any circumstances the management responsibility can't exceed the size of income of Administration gained from payment of access rights of the User to game.

Settlement of disputes

In case of origin of disputes between Administration and the User under the present agreement, the sides undertake to take all measures to permission them by negotiations among themselves.In case of impossibility of permission of the specified disputes by negotiations they shall be allowed by court in the location of Administration.

Other conditions

All questions and conditions which aren't stipulated in the present agreement are regulated according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation.Recognition of any provision of the present agreement by court invalid or not subject to forced execution doesn't attract invalidity or impracticability of other provisions of the present agreement.